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[FF] Red, Like Her (30Kisses - Prompt #19)

 Hey, all! <3 
Recently, I joined [info]30_kisses, and the couple I chose was, you guessed it, our favorite alien and cat girl. X3 And today I managed to complete my first one. :)
I'll be posting each prompt as they're done, so please look forward to it!

Title: Red, Like Her
Author: Neofeliss
Fandom: Tokyo Mew Mew
Pairing: Ichigo Momomiya x Kish
Theme: #19 – Red (赤)
Summary: Everyone in the world has a favorite color, and if you were to ask any one of those many people, they’d probably give you a reason or two why. Despite being an alien, Kish is certainly no exception.
Disclaimer: Tokyo Mew Mew © Mia Ikumi & Reiko Yoshida, 2002-2004.

Everyone in the world has a favorite color, and if you were to ask any one of those many people, they’d probably give you a reason or two why.

The most common answer you’d probably hear is that the individual being asked finds the color pretty, or cool, or bright. Others might say their favorite color makes them happy, or flatters them when they wear it, or reminds them of something or another. Some attach memories to it, others scents, tastes, feelings…the list goes on and on.

Yes, everyone has a favorite color, and despite being an alien, Kish is certainly no exception.

And if one were to ask him, he would tell him that it’s red.

Red, like her – like Ichigo Momomiya.

It is for that reason alone he likes the color red, because red, simply, is her.

Naturally, it’s the color of strawberries, the sweet, delectable fruit that is her namesake. But there’s more to it than that.

It’s the color of her hair – a deep, dark shade of red that absolutely glows in the right light and frames her cute, pretty face.

It’s the color of her personality, which changes with each hue. At times, she’s bright and vivacious, a cheerful, outgoing girl; at times, normally when engaged in combat, (be it his fault, indirect or otherwise) she’s incredibly courageous, and that courage shines through in those blazing pink eyes of hers. It’s also the color she turns when she’s about to punch you right through the roof when she’s angry. (But she’s so adorable when she gets angry, so he can’t take it too seriously.)

It’s the color that looks best on her – well, next to green, he would joke – especially when she wears that cute little café uniform of hers.

It reminds him of her scent, when he manages to sneak up close enough to catch it. Oddly enough, despite her name, she doesn’t smell like strawberries that much. She's a mixture of vanilla and orchid – delectably sweet and soft, and far too intoxicating.

…it’s the color of her lips – her beautiful red lips – that just beg to be kissed every time he’s near her. (Regardless of what she says.) 

It’s the taste of those lips, sweeter than any honey, and the color that flashes underneath his eyelids like fireworks when his lips mesh with hers.

But most importantly of all, it’s the color of her cheeks when he manages to steal that precious kiss, and how her face looks the moment their lips break.

Because, for one split second, before exploding into a raging hue, her cheeks are the softest shade of red – the same as her slightly bruised lips – and for that spit second, she doesn’t shriek or yell or call him a pervert.

It’s the color that lets him know he’s starting to win her over. Slowly, but surely, he’s stealing her heart.

Because with every kiss he steals, the second grows long and that soft shade of red lingers longer each time.

Yes, Kish could name multiple reasons why his favorite color was red…but it says so much more when he simply says, “Red, like her.”

- - - -
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